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Sunday is the second and final day of the event

Walkers will cross the finish line at Rockliffe Landing between noon-2:30pm having completed the last km of their journey today

(OTTAWA, June 8, 2008) - The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation announced yesterday that one thousand walkers and crew raised $2.1 million in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefiting Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, a 2-day 60km walk designed to help fund new developments in research, treatment and care for breast cancer right here in Eastern Ontario. This multi-day event has raised $6 million in three years. The fourth annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefitting Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation will be held June 5 to 7, 2009!

Following the emotional opening ceremonies yesterday at the Rockcliffe Landing, walkers embarked upon a scenic route through the streets of Ottawa. At the end of their first day, walkers arrived at a “Tent City” where they tool warm showers, ate hot meals, relaxed. Hundreds of Volunteers and Crew Members have been on location to provide support over the course of the two day event. This group has helped serve meals, staffed water and snack stops, provided gear transport, portable restrooms, and safety on the streets, as well as comprehensive medical services.

“All those who are taking part in this event are heroes. The volunteers, organizers, and local authorities have all ensured maximum security for the walkers; the courage and determination of all participants is truly impressive,” declares Linda Eagan, President and CEO of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. “The months of planning are reflected in all aspects of this event: whether it is the route and participant security, refreshments, or the excellent medical team we have on hand at the event to help walkers at all times with blisters, dehydration and any other medical needs.”

“This event is for those who want to make a bold gesture in the fight against breast cancer, “explains Walter Robinson, Chair of the Board of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. “Participants, donors and the local community demonstrate not only their courage, but also their passion and determination in the fight against breast cancer. They continue to make the Weekend to End Breast Cancer the biggest fundraising event in Eastern Ontario!”

Thanks to Weekend to End Breast Cancer, crucial and innovative research is possible. One example is the creation of the Breast Cancer Molecular Lab, the first of its kind in Canada. It allows experts to map individual tumors and gives physicians the ability to personalize treatments. Additionally, the Weekend has permitted the expansion of the Queensway Carleton Hospital, where construction has begun on a new Cancer Centre that will serve patients throughout Eastern Ontario. 

For more information about the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, or to register to participate in next year event, please call 613.722.7224 or visit Join us for the opening and closing ceremonies, visit the camp and reserve your spot for The Weekend 2009!


About Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Proceeds from The Weekend to End Breast Cancer will benefit the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, a registered charity that supports cancer services and world-class cancer research across Eastern Ontario.  Funds raised will go directly to fund research initiatives at the Centre for Cancer Therapeutics at The Ottawa Health Research Institute. Researchers are investigating better ways to treat breast cancer, including targeted treatments that minimize the negative side effects while still effectively combating a patient’s cancer. We’re also learning more about how to predict and prevent breast cancer. Put together, this research is bringing us closer to an end to breast cancer.

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